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Easy - Check Tape Measure

Easy - Check Tape Measure

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This is the most exciting tool that I have found in a long time.
Since I began working with clients I have been tying a length of ribbon or elastic around their waist while I took measurements! Now here is a tape measure that snaps to itself (at the waist) and has a clear slider so it can be adjusted and the measurement easily read. Both inches and millimeters are on this tape measure.
And it stays put while I take all the other measurements with it as as my reference point. This takes away any possibility of error and I get an accurate set of measurements. So important when I want the garment to fit correctly!
And the easiest way to take your own measurements.

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Customer Reviews

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Great product and fast shipping!

I received my order very quickly and all the products are top notch! Wonderful stitch book written by Helen and unique tape measure that is hard to find.

Judy Schaefer
This tape measure is exactly what I was lo...

This tape measure is exactly what I was looking for. Now that I have this, I can take more accurate measurements of myself. This will be a sewing tool I will use alot.

Hobofuzzy Sauer
I am glad to have this nifty measuring tap...

I am glad to have this nifty measuring tape. It is easy to use, good quality, and very handy. It arrived timely, and I am very satisfied with it.

Nick Luna Braun
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Kk Keebler
Another item that seems very useful & look...

Another item that seems very useful & looking forward to using it soon. Arrived quickly.