Dallas Challenge Best Overall - Threads Magazine

Dallas Challenge Best Overall - Threads Magazine

woman wearing dress by Helen HaugheyEvery year Threads Magazine issues a challenge to the members of the Association of Sewing & Design Professionals to create a garment which is initially judged online and then the finalists submit their garment for hands on judging at the annual educational conference.

During the 2018 conference in Dallas the challenge was:

“An enthusiastic embrace of innovation characterized the city of Dallas during the post-World War II years. Architect George Dahl designed the midcentury modern Public Library (1955), Texas Instruments introduced the first integrated circuit (1958), and Frank Lloyd Wright's design for the Dallas Theater Center was completed (1959).

In October 1957, the Neiman Marcus department store presented "France Comes to Texas," a two-week celebration of French style. French culture of all kinds was featured, and Coco Chanel was invited by Stanley Marcus to the city to accept an award for services rendered to fashion.

In celebration of these exciting creations, participants were challenged to design unique ensembles that captured the spirit of Dallas, Texas, in the 1950s.”

I signed my intent to enter (and paid my money to do so) in April.  On August 1 I submitted photos of my garment by email along with a description of my inspiration and the process involved in designing and creating my garment.  I submitted my garment for (physical) judging on October 19 and it was showcased at the Conference Fashion Show along with the 14 other finalist garments the following evening.  At the end of the Fashion Show the Threads Editors announced the winners.  My garment was chosen as Best Overall and the judges comments were:

“Best Overall: “Rhapsody in Black and White” by Helen Haughey.

The top award went to a dress that referenced mid-century architectural style yet had a contemporary silhouette. The challenging fabric was expertly manipulated into a bold garment. The judging panel was impressed by the taste and skill inherent in the striking design.

The 2018 garments which were given awards (4 in total) have been showcased in Threads Issue #203 which was released in April.

Photography courtesy of Threads Magazine

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