Brief Bouclé Basics: Part 2

Brief Bouclé Basics: Part 2

I have been encouraged by the response to Part 1 to continue my thoughts on using this most amazing fabric. If you are thinking about giving it a go, then here are a few ideas on choosing a pattern to flatter your body and give you a successful and stunning garment!

How to Choose Bouclé Pattern & Color:

It’s time to take a good long look in the mirror and then to go ‘shopping’ in your closet and answer a few pertinent questions:

  1. What is my body type?
    • am I well toned and shapely?
    • am I well toned but less shapely?
    • am I rounded and evenly proportioned?
    • am I rounded but more prominent on top or bottom?

  2. Do I like close fitting clothing that skims my body or a looser fit?

  3. What clothing have I purchased in the last year that I have never worn or have returned, and what was the common feature of those garments that was not comfortable or flattering?

  4. Do I have any body features that I would like to/or should minimize? What body features could/should I emphasize?

  5. Is there a common theme of color in my closet?
    • which color/colors bring me joy?
    • which color/colors bring me compliments?
    • do I like a particular color but when I wear a garment in that color no one compliments or notices me?
    • which colors bring me the most compliments?

boucle fabric close up

Now you are ready to begin.

Sometimes the choice of pattern will come first but, if you are like me, I usually have in mind a particular garment, e.g. dress or jacket, but I am inspired first by the fabric, both it’s color and it’s design.

1. Fabric

You can find Bouclé in a single color. Once you have established your most flattering color then you can usually find a Bouclé fabric in that color. Your choice will be

  • single color no pattern
  • single color that has stripes or checks

Or you can choose Bouclé in a combination of colors. This has advantages:

  • maybe there is a color you love but does not flatter and a small amount of this color in the fabric will bring you joy but not dominate the fabric
  • your garment will be versatile, e.g. a jacket that can be worn with different colored pants or skirt

2. Pattern

If you are making your first garment in Bouclé then choose:

  • a pattern with simple lines and preferably not too many pieces
  • a pattern without button and buttonholes or replace these with hook and eye, or zipper
  • if you have difficulty fitting your bust area then choose a pattern with princess lines as these will facilitate fitting more easily
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